"Children have to be educated,but they have also to be left to educate themselves"
-Ernest Dimnet

About Us

Half a century back, a sleepy but picturesque village at the foothills in the southern part of Thane District called Panchpakhadi, later popular to be as Kisan Nagar began attracting people from all walks of life, across the country. Thanks to the rapid and extensive industrialization of the surrounding areas. The modest Kannadigas, hailing from Karnataka decided to settle down to breathe and to grow with Kisan Nagar. Among those handful of Kannadigas were the pioneers of Navodaya Kannada Seva Sangha, Conductors of Navodaya English High School. Candid deliberation and constructive efforts of these great souls gave a definite shape to their imagination, in the form of Navodaya Kannada Seva Sangha in 1969 and followed the birth of Navodaya English High School in 1970.

The Sangha was filled with felicity & gratitude as it opened the two storyed building ‘Navodaya Sadan’ Sangha's own building to house the sangha and the school in 1971. The inauguration of the present school building, the Navodaya Sadan, Kisan Nagar-1, took place during 1992-1993. During the year 1986-1987 a new building was purchased at Shivaji Nagar, Thane to accommodate the secondary section. As years gave way to decades, thousands of students enjoyed the warmth of this nestle, enabling themselves to emerge out jubilantly, to conquer, the still unconquered realms of learning.

The year 2016 will go down into the history as memorable year for all of us in Navodaya as the institution entered into a new arena of academic excellence with the inauguration of Navodaya Junior College of Science & Commerce. It was a long cherished dream coming true as a new horizon of progress and growth opened before Navodaya with a promise for a new height of achievement.

This year the school entered into the 47th year of functioning.


Navodaya English High School & Junior College

Formal Beginning of the School

PRIMARY : Foundation - 1970
  : Recognition - 1973
  : Recognition No.446/dtd.20/8/73
SECONDARY : Recognition - 1983
  : Recognition No - 8928/035/82-83
  : S.S.C. Index No. - 16.14.034
JUNIOR COLLEGE : Permission Letter No. dydemumbai/medium-4/self finance/16-17/2016/19029/231.

Dated: 24.06.2016

    Recognition 5-12-2018
    Recognition No.26501/02/18-19
    Index No. 16.14.098

A New Sun on the Rise
‘A new rise’ in the horizon of academic arena – as  institution of Navodaya comes of age with the opening of Navodaya Jr.College of Science & Commerce.  Today’s Navodaya is like a mighty brimming river with its banks enriched with the greenery of progressive ideals and heritage of values which aims at bringing about a holistic development of the youthful spirit as building block of tomorrow’s India.  An honest and noble venture always culminates into the opulence of success.  Persistent cent percent result in S.S.C. Exam for 11th consecutive year is enough testimony of our pursuit for excellence.   
Navodaya Jr.College of Science & Commerce, located near Mulund Check Naka at Mid Town Plaza, provides all modern amenities such as well equipped laboratory as well as library and canteen along with a highly qualified and competent faculty.  In addition to widening the knowledge base we focus on student employability quotient also.  In essence it opens up a new dimension in the field of ‘man making’ – creating global citizens – morally upright, socially responsible and academically accomplished that the nation would be proud of.

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School Anthem

Alma Mater of us all
Navodaya Our School
(1) Humble we come to flock
in your lovely hands (Alma)
(2) The Eternal power to guard
We work and play daily (Alma)
(3) Make us fruitful “Vine”
Spreading your glory far (Alma)
(4) Come to live and love and serve
In Navodaya our School (Alma)