"Children have to be educated,but they have also to be left to educate themselves"
-Ernest Dimnet

Alumni Group

Dear Kids,

You all have grown up by now and may be I have to address you all as ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ but I would prefer it this way. The memories are still ‘time-locked’ in that kids-stage.

Hope all of you are highly educated and well placed in different professional fields. Indeed longing to know more about the heights you have reached. Quite often, we all share thoughts about you all, that particular year……., that annual event, your speech on an Independence day, the Kabbadi final you played at Dadoji Konddev Stadium, the farewell function you organized & what all. All these memories are well etched in our minds. Of course, that mischief you did and the light thrashes which followed are all faded sweet & sour memories, today. In fact those reminiscences are the fuel for us to move forward. Moreover, your unconditional faith in us always inspired us to tap our potentials in the best possible ways.

Few of the senior teachers have already retired. Your dear teachers like, Mr. Tirumala Sir, Mrs. Joshi Tr, Mrs. Peters Tr, Mrs. Irene Tr, Mrs. Athalye Tr, Mrs. Saxena Tr, Mrs. Dayawati Tr, Mrs. Achamma Tr, Mrs Madhur Tr; all have retired. For most of us, only few summers to go!

The school management NKSS, as you all know is always a pillar of support & guidance.

Few of the recent events, achievements, the academic status and our future dreams will be forwarded to you at our earliest. Whenever you get time, have a glance. You will surely visit us for warmer moments. Do visit your Alma Mater with your family & may be our grandkids too!

Let God Almighty bless you all, strengthen you and enlighten you, wherever you are.

After all, ‘Education is the pursuit of truth & all round drawing out for the best in man – body, mind & spirit’.

With lots of love & regards,

from all the near & dear ones here,

on behalf of Navodaya family.