"Children have to be educated,but they have also to be left to educate themselves"
-Ernest Dimnet


Academic Year 2017-2018

Academic Year 2009-2010

A very informative & delightful programme organized as a part of the Ruby Jubilee Celebration was the Exhibition  held on 4th, 5th and 6th of December 2009, at Navodaya Sadan. Any exhibition acquires its manifestation when it takes the visitors to worlds of ecstasy. The school depicted a miniature India and each Indian who left the premise couldn’t help but whisper ‘Jai Ho India’.

Living in the modern scientific age, students are trained through different means to inculcate a scientific attitude towards life. The enthusiastic participation of the young scientists and future engineers in scientific project works of the science club, are always a promising sight.

Academic Year 1997 - 1998

As the nation cherished its memories of the days of emancipation and its glorious path of 50 years in its golden way, we Navodayites too paid homage to our motherland in our humble ways. In connection with the Independence day celebration, a general get together cum exhibition was organized and here, one shared the enthralling patriotic zeal experienced by millions 50 years back., as our martyrs and freedom legends, depicted through the dramatic presentation ‘Aazadii Ki Jung’. The exhibitional displays were divergent in themselves from the days of ‘Battle of Plassey’ to the age of Satellites and Computers, thanks to the Five Year Plans, the literacy growth and technological development and so on. Let us repeat with pride ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’.


Academic Year 1994 - 1995

As a part of our Silver Jubiliee Celebration, we had organized an exhibition, representing our traditional values, a glimpse of the past and the modern era of science and technology. Though a maiden venture, it was undoubtedly a versatile experience for the audience, feeling a touch of our unique culture in a festive mood, probing into the undiscovered regions of geography, the air filling with a scientific temperament. The attractive display of the artistic talents, a world of tiny tots, different projects like the world of comets, Jurassic Park, the computer friend, a pollution exposure, a journey to the 21st century village, clap and I will glow were few of the highlights of the exhibition which won extreme appreciation from the visitors.