"Children have to be educated,but they have also to be left to educate themselves"
-Ernest Dimnet

School's Achievements

Academic Status

Our erudite voyage continued, filled with youthful delightedness, flavoured with earnest commitment to share the blessing of literacy. Our staff members, whose hands are always at work, bring a catalytic effect to all the daily chores. They surely deserve loud applauses. We vow to move ahead as a team, with dreams so dear, unleashing the power within the thousands of tiny feet, yet to enter our portals.

The meritorious record set up, speaks for itself the studious efforts of the students as well as the pains taken and the earnest contributions of the teaching staff. Needless to remind that the secret of any success lies in the vitality and validity of the proverb, “Only when others sleep and rest, a few keep awake and make the best use of their brawn and brain powers and thus carve a niche for themselves and become an exciting example for others, less fortunate and formidable”.

Here we remember with pride and gratitude the selfless services of the teachers who were the captains to steer the students to their destination. We heartily congratulate the steady, the ambitious and wish all our alumni the best.

Two of our teachers, Mrs.Ajitha Pradeepkumar, Mrs.Christina Mahadik were selected by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, as resource persons to train teachers of other schools of Thane district in the subjects Algebra & Geography.

Our first batch of S.S.C appeared for the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Exam March 1983. Performance of students in the S.S.C. Board Examination is a matter of high significance to any school. The efforts of 10 years culminates in an official certificate of high value to students as well as the institution.

Ushering in cheers to the previous academic record of S.S.C result, it was during 1994-1995 that we could engulf ourselves in peals of joy with our first record of cent percent result. . March 2014,brought the record of cent percent result for the eighth consecutive year..

We are proud to share that our school has been attaining 100% result for the last 12 consecutive years.