"Children have to be educated,but they have also to be left to educate themselves"
-Ernest Dimnet

Stress Management

The concept of stress formulated in 1930s by the pioneering endocrinologist Hans Selye, is today a part & parcel of human life. Stress is the biggest casuality of present day life, the life of advancement, of achievements. Deliberate efforts are taken by the thoughtful to be free from the unpleasant experiences, due to stress. Stress is inevitable but it is how we respond or react to factors contributing stress, is what stress management teaches us. Today, the field of psychology has advanced greatly and professionals in the field have developed proven tools to manage stress. Counselors are a great boon to modern life as they help us to move forward, in a more fulfilling manner.

Hence, stress management sessions, Yoga, Meditation programme etc are arranged for the staff members as well as students by experts from the noted fields. ‘In House’ sessions are also regularly held, in helping the staff to be positive, dynamic & above all creative.