"Children have to be educated,but they have also to be left to educate themselves"
-Ernest Dimnet

Training & Guidance

Catching the spirit of the eminent teacher Thomas Arnold who said, “I prefer that my students should drink from a running stream rather than a stagnant pool”, our teaching staff always enable the students to meet the challenges quite efficiently.

A successful teacher is always a good learner. To keep abreast with the curricular innovations, teachers are provided with adequate materials of reference as well as opportunities to attend training programmes organized by the department, on regular basis and special training programmes organized by the school.

Regular training & guidance are held for staff, students as well as parents. All were immensely benefitted from the following programmes:

1 Teacher- A Role Model & Teacher-A Counsellor Mr.Pritesh Chheda 2017-2018
2 Mr. Jayesh Shethia 2017-2018
3 Phonetics Teaching Mrs.Amita Ramesh 2015-2016
4 Effective Methods of English Teaching Mrs.Ophiliya 2015-2016
5 Johari Window Mr.Suneel Rahator 2014-2015
6 Seminar on Excellence in Teaching and Learning Dr.Shridhara Shetty 2013-2014
7 Personality Development Counselling cum Career Guidance Mr. Praveen Singh
(Cogito India Group)
8 Hari Hariyali-Environmental Awareness Mr. Julius Rego (Environmentalist BNHS) 2010-2011
9 Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation Education Dept. 2010-2011
10 State Level Training as Resource Persons Education Dept. 2009-2010
11 Stress, Time Management, Career Selection & Yoga Indian Development Foundation 2009-2010
12 Counselling cum Career Guidance Rotary Club of Thane 2008-2009
13 Yoga for De-Stressing Prajapita BramhaKumari 2008-2009
14 Upbringing the young folk in a better way” for parents COGITO Group 2005-2006
15 Counselling ‘The core of all guidance programme’


Dr. Harish Shetty
16 Art of Living International Assessment of Indian students Mac Millan Group 2004-2005
17 Innovative Teaching Strategies Indian Merchants Chember 2003-2004
18 School Adolescent Life Skills Education Dept. 2002-2003
19 Computer Training – Internet Savy Education Dept. 2001-2002
20 Scout & Guide Training Education Dept. 1997–1998
21 Road Safety & Traffic Control Training R.S.P. Wing- Thane 1994-1995