Closing dates : Pre-Primary-31/3/2023, Primary Std.I to VII-10/4/2023, Secondary Std. VIII-10/4/2023 IX-10/3/2023 X-25/3/2023 Opening dates(2023-2024) Pre-primary-15/6/2023, Primary Std. I to VII-12/6/2023, Secondary Std. VIII & IX-12/6/2023. Admissions are open for the A.Y. 2023-2024-Std. Sr.KG to VIII

Welcome to Navodaya English High School & Junior College

Well-designed education system is a blessing of Indian culture. The age old Chinese Proverb, “Plant a sapling, singing birds will come on its own”, is totally true in the great visionary step of Navodaya Kannada Seva Sangha, the conductors of Navodaya English High School & Junior College. They move on with total commitment, enabling to sculpt better citizens, a better society.

There is much truth in the saying, ‘The more a person learns, the less it is’. Education is no doubt, the soul of society.

As an educational institution, we pledge again to stand by our mottos, to cast a truly educated generation, whose hands will be strong enough to hold the weak, whose mind will be clear enough to guide the misguided and whose heart will be big enough to accept the less privileged.

Sangha has kept alive the main motto Low cost qualitative and quantitative education. The same has been achieved without availing any benefits from the government.


“Knowledge is Power, Information is liberating, Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family.”




Republic Day Celebration



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Navodaya English High School & Junior College

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